Town Administrator's Office


The Town Administrator reports directly to the Board of Selectmen and is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town.

The Town Administrator's role is primarily managerial and advisory. The Town Administrator is responsible for implementing and overseeing the public policy objectives of the elected five-member Board of Selectmen. The Town Administrator serves as the Director of Personnel, Municipal Hearings Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Public Information Officer, Records Access Officer, officer of the South Worcester County Communications Center Executive Board and is the representative of the Board of Selectmen for the daily administration of the town’s government.

The Town Administrator coordinates all Town Departments and regularly reports to the Board of Selectmen on the financial status of the annual budget, on legal matters regarding the Town and on daily administrative and operational matters that may require the board’s attention.

The role maintains the flow of information to assure the Board of Selectmen remains current on matters affecting the Town. The Town Administrator is also responsible for providing relevant background information on issues important to the Board of Selectmen.

The Town Administrator coordinates with and provides elected and appointed boards, commissions, committees, and officials with executive-level support in their roles and missions. The Town Administrator serves as an ex-officio member of the Economic Development Committee and the Capital Improvement Committee.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Michelle Jervis Assistant Town Administrator
Jonathan Ruda Town Administrator