Town Administrator's Office


The Town Administrator reports directly to the Board of Selectmen and is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town. The Town Administrator's role varies only slightly depending on the style of the Board of Selectmen, as the Town Administrator's role is primarily managerial and advisory.  The Town Administrator is responsible to implement and oversee the public policy objectives of the elected five-member Board, and serves as the Director of Personnel, Municipal Hearing Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Public Information Officer, Records Access Officer, is an officer of the South Worcester County Communications Center Executive Board and is the representative of the Dudley Board of Selectmen for the daily administration of the town’s government. In addition to coordinating all Town Departments, the Town Administrator regularly reports to the Board of Selectmen on the financial status of the annual budget, on legal matters regarding the Town and on daily administrative and operational matters that may require the board’s attention. 

Additionally, and especially in the today's information age, the role is one that is heavily focused on maintaining the flow of information to assure the Board of Selectmen receives all the necessary information and points of view. The Town Administrator needs to monitor the information provided to the Board of Selectmen on important policy issues to make sure it is in the interest of The Town, not the producers of the information. However, it is also important that the Town Administrator involve senior staff and other stakeholders in the decision-making process when appropriate, in order to ensure that the Town Administrator is not the sole person directing the policies presented to the Board of Selectmen. The Administrator is also responsible for providing relevant background information on issues important to the Board of Selectmen.

The Town Administrator is available to coordinate with and provide elected and appointed boards, commissions, committees, and officials with executive-level support in their roles and missions.  He serves as an ex-officio member of the Economic Development Committee, Personnel Board and Capital Improvement Committee

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