Zoning Board

To hear/decide on petitions for variances in accordance with MGL Chapter 40A; To hear/decide applications for expansion of nonconforming uses as specified in the

They may grant Special Permits if the applicant can show a condition unique to the particular case, but not generally true for similar permitted uses on other sites in the same zoning district.

The Z.B.A. shall deny a Special Permit when in its judgment, a nuisance, hazard or congestion will be created, or for some other reason there will be substantial harm to the neighborhood, or derogation from general purposes, and the intent of the Zoning Bylaws, or the stated district objective applicable use criteria, will not be satisfied. Special permits may be issued only for uses which are in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the ordinance or by-law, and shall be subject to general or specific provisions set forth therein; and such permits may also impose conditions, safeguards and limitations on time or use.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
George Slingo Chairman
John Glynn Member
Wesley Mroczka Member
Amanda Jacobson Clerk