Recycling Center

ONLINE purchasing of transfer station and recycling stickers for Fiscal 2023

Recycling Info

Town of Dudley
Transfer & Recycling Center Hours of Operation
Wednesday – 11 am to 4:30 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 3:30 pm

Open to all Dudley residents disposing of household trash and recycling.

Grass & Leave Permits - $35/year

Annual Permit MUST be affixed to driver’s side front windshield or admittance will be denied. All regulations are enforced by the attendance, and residents must adhere to their instructions. Hazardous Waste is NOT accepted at the Recycling Center. Any waste can be dropped off at NEDT, 83 Gilmore Street, Sutton, MA 508-234-4440

Residents: $360.00 Weekly Limits:

Trash: (6) 13-gallon bags or (3) 30-gallon bags

Recycling: (2) 13-gallon bags or (1) 30 gallon bag

Seniors: 65+ - $235.00 Weekly Limits NEW -

Trash: (4) 13-gallon bags or (2) 30-gallon bags

Recycling: (2) 13-gallon bags or (1) 30-gallon bag

Veterans and First Responders (must show ID) - $320.00 Weekly limits Same as Resident

Extra bag charges:

13-gallon trash bag $2
30-gallon trash bag $4
13-gallon recycling bag $1
30-gallon recycling bag $2