5 Year Economic Development Plan

Town of Dudley's Economic Development Mission Statement:

“Our Goal is to make The Town of Dudley a vibrant, community oriented Town that is a great place to live, work and play. We strive to create a community that will foster an array of economic opportunities for all of our residents while preserving the environmental, cultural and historical elements which are the cornerstones of our town. For the workforce of today and tomorrow… Dudley will provide the leadership and business environment needed to compete in our current knowledge-based economy.”


For decades, the Town of Dudley has operated without a formal economic development plan. The last major planning project undertaken by the town was the adoption of the town’s master plan in 2000. Over time, the Town’s Master Plan lost its effectiveness when various boards no longer referenced it in making decisions for the town. This Economic Development plan will only be successful if each town board and official uses it as their directional navigation aid in the decisions which must be made in the future.

The plan is the result of almost a year and a half of open, public hearings, dozens of meetings with various boards, Town and State Officials, Residents and Businesses within the town, numerous forums and a community survey which was undertaken in the fall of 2017.

Maintaining a resilient economy requires planning. While we cannot always predict economic cycles, we know our economy will periodically experience downturns. The Town of Dudley seeks to minimize the impact of economic cycles and maximize its abilities to seize new economic opportunities—recognizing the balance between growth and livability.

This economic development plan outlines the role of the Town of Dudley and its contribution to local economic development efforts.

Although not perfect, we feel the plan is solid… and will work… only if each board steps up and executes it. This is merely a good place to start.

On behalf of the entire Economic Development Committee, we wish to extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of the residents in the town who provided input, the various town boards and committees who welcomed us and provided tremendous amounts of information, CMRPC for their technical assistance and Don Johnson, our Town Planner.


John Briare – Chairman
Pamela Boggio, Vice Chairman
Todd Donohoe, Treasurer
Marcia Wagner, Secretary
Ellen Laprise, Clerk
Barbara Zurawski, Member
Jo-Ann Szymczak, Member
Russ Giglio – Alternate
Brian LaBrec – Alternate

Files: PDF Format
  1. 5 Year Dudley Economic Development Plan
  2. Technical Portion of 5 Year Dudley Economic Development Plan
  3. Helpful PowerPoint Presentation on technical Element of Plan
  4. Current Zoning and Agriculture Lands Map
  5. Tax Rate Recap for FY2018