Fire Department

The Dudley Fire and Emergency Services is a combination fire and emergency medical services department that consists of a small group of one full-time fire chief, a full-time assistant chief, ten career staff, 35 part-time paid on-call personnel, and five per-diem paramedics. The career staff maintains seven-day, twenty-four hour service to the town. The on-call fire department is called in from home when a structure fire occurs or a call that requires additional manpower to supplement the full-time staff. The per-diem staff works on weekends to provide extra manpower during peak response periods.

The career staff includes 1 Chief, 1 Assistant Chief, 2 Captains (full-time), 2 Lieutenants (full-time), and 8 firefighter/paramedics. The career staff handles all inspections, permits, fire prevention activities, and fire education activities as well as several community support operations e.e., placing the American Flags on the telephone polls in town.

The part-time paid call staff includes 2 call Deputy Chiefs, 2 call Captains in charge of training and operations, 2 Lieutenants, 1 Saftey Officer/PIO, and 30 firefighters. The call staff is broken down into four companies with one lieutenant running each company. The call staff also includes a department chaplain.

We have also recently added a training division run by two full-time members and two call members. They are responsible for all department training, both full time and call. They conduct the training and keep all the training records. This new training system has worked very well for us and has kept our department prepared for any type of emergency that comes in. We hope to continue this high level of service to the town for a long time to come. 

Currently, we run 24-hour rotating shifts of three men per shift. They work one day on, two days off, one day on, four days off. One workday consists of the entire 24-hour period. During the day, the staff is supplemented with the Chief and Assistant Chief who work regular day hours during the week. The emergency medical staff of the department is made up of some who also serve as firefighters including the ten career staff members. At the present time, the medical staff includes 20 paramedics, 1 Advanced EMT, and 4 basic EMTs. 


Fire Chief

Deputy Chief Paul Konieczny

Deputy Fire Chief