File A Business Certificate (DBA)

Anyone conducting business in the Town of Dudley under a name other than their own or corporate name must file a Business Certificate with the Town Clerk. This form is commonly known as a “doing business as” or “DBA” certificate. The DBA files allow consumers to identify and locate the proprietor of a business, which goes by a name other than that of the proprietor. Once filed, a certificate is valid for four years.

Download a DBA Application:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Business Certificates…

Who Has to File A Business Certificate?

Any person, partnership, or corporation conducting business in Dudley under a name other than their own or corporate name.

How Much Does a Business Certificate Cost?

The cost in Dudley is $25.00

What is Needed to File Business Certificate?

A completed business certification application. If the complete application is to be returned to the Town Clerk by mail, the applicant’s signature must be notarized prior to submission.

How Can I Obtain The Business Certification Form?

You can pick one up the form at the Town Clerk’s Office or download a complete Business Certificate Application package.

Will I Get a Tax I.D. Number When I File a Business Certificate?

No, the tax identification number comes from the Internal Revenue Service. You must apply to the IRS for this number.

How Often Does a Business Certificate Have to be Renewed?

Every four years. If the business is discontinued, the Clerk’s office must be notified. There is a $10.00 discontinuance fee.

What if the Business Address Changes?

The applicant should come into the Clerk’s office and file a change of address form. The cost is $10.00.

What if the Ownership of the Business Changes?

If it is a complete change of ownership, a new business certificate must be filed, with a fee of $25.00.

To read the full text of the Massachusetts Law Chapter 110 Section 5 which requires the filing of Business Certificates please visit the MA General Laws website.