Personnel Board

The Personnel Board is currently without sufficient volunteer membership to form a quorum.  The Town Administrator also serves as the Town's Director of Personnel.

§ 74-5Personnel Director; rules and regulations.

[Amended 10-29-2018 by Art. 22; 10-28-2019 by Art. 30]


The Town Administrator or his or her designee shall serve as Personnel Director of the Town. In conjunction with the Personnel Board, the Town Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day personnel practices, procedures and systems of the Town, including but not limited to:


Employee recruitment/testing/selection appraisal/evaluation.


Employee training and development.


Employee benefits and service programs, except that the Treasurer/Collector shall remain as Insurance Administrator and be responsible for group health insurance and workers' compensation plans/programs.


Employee safety and health programs.


Employee discipline and grievance procedures.


No personnel-related rule or regulation shall be adopted until prior notification is made to all affected boards, commissions, departments and employees.