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August 9, 2012

Ms. Brona Simon, SHPO & Executive Officer

Massachusetts Historical Commission

220 Morrissey Boulevard

Boston, Massachusetts 02125-3314


Re: Dudley Historical Commission Supports Stevens LLC’S Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Application.


Dear Ms Simon:


In these uncertain economic times many historical rehabilitation projects are confronted with a paucity of financial support from traditional funding sources.  This fact only serves to accentuate the unique importance of the Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program to help keep alive an amalgam of economic development and historic preservation in our State.


Here in Dudley Ma., the Stevens LLC’s planned 164 unit Mill Conversion Project is deserving of every bit of support that can be mustered from the program you administer, to achieve its aforementioned symbiotic goal of viable economic development and historic preservation. The passage of time and funding cycles does not diminish the importance the Dudley Historical Commission attaches to this project and your continued support of it is viewed as of inestimable importance to bringing Mr. Peterson’s mill conversion plan to fruition.


We view your continued support for this project as an investment in our community’s economic well being and a ringing endorsement of the value and goals of historic preservation.  We are deeply indebted to you and this tax credit program for the assistance you have tendered Mr. Peterson and this Commission in our mutual efforts to bear true faith to the past, present, and future generations of this place.


We affirm our view that this tax credit program is of inestimable value to the past and the future of the Stevens Linen Works footprint and Dudley, Massachusetts as envisioned by Stevens LLC Historic Tax Credit application and can certainly be termed “a marriage made in heaven”.


Thank You for your attention.

Michael Branniff




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