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April 6, 2012


Ms. Brona Simon SHPO & Executive Officer

Massachusetts Historical Commission

220 Morrissey Boulevard

Boston, Massachusetts 02125 – 3314


Re:  Dudley Historical Commission supports Stevens LLC’S Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Application.


Dear Ms. Simon:


A passion for preservation abides in different degrees.   Preservation has many different aspects to address.  Over the course of time a place will come to be defined by its, aspirations, endeavors, values and accomplishments, its successes and failures.  A community’s past icons, graveyards, municipal records, homes and businesses, monuments, landscapes; all carry unique and irreplaceable lessons and definitions of our forbearers, of immeasurable value for the present and future.  It is to be hoped that a sufficient number of each generation will value a community’s heritage at something closely approximating its true worth.


It is an impossibility to live in the past, in an intellectual, economic, and political stasis.  But to turn our backs on the achievements of the past, the good and the bad, successes and failures, is to deprive ourselves of history’s lessons, purchased at great cost and sacrifice by preceding generations.  Emotional appeals based on sentimentality are not necessary to overcome deficiencies in the appreciation of the value of our heritage.  Local histories and heritage produce an endlessly replicating uniqueness that comprises a vibrant part of the tapestry of the American experience.  Based upon an evenhanded, open minded survey of fact their self evident value is inescapable.


 Of unsurpassed iconic prominence, the Stevens Linen Works National Register Historic District is the most ambitious preservation success yet achieved in our town.  However, given its scale and physical complexity, Mr. Peterson’s retail conversion project (164 units) must be carried out to assure the future safety of this elegant industrial lodestar of Henry Hale Stevens and succeeding generations of the Stevens and Crawford families.  These two families, distinct and separate threads in the American tapestry, united in devoting their lives to the excellence of the Stevens Linen operation and the American Linen Manufactory.  The torch has now been passed to Stevens LLC.  Your continued support for the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Application is crucial for continuation of the economic and aesthetic usefulness for this complex in keeping with its finest traditions.


The Dudley Historical Commission wishes to thank you for the support tendered to previous Stevens LLC tax credit applications and respectfully request your continued support of the rehabilitation of this unsurpassed example of the American Industrial Revolution.


Thank you for your attention


Yours truly,





Michel Branniff


Dudley Historical Commission



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