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Michael Branniff, Secretary

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Joseph Antos

David Butler

Elaine Martin

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April 12, 2011




To Dudley Board of Selectmen


Re: Nipmuck archives


The Commissioners are writing in support of the proposal to allow the Nipmuck Indians to store their valuable archives in the municipal complex.



The Town of Dudley owes a debt to the Nipmucks, dating from the origin of the town. Their contribution of land was seminal in the location of the historic heart of Dudley. Throughout the growth of the town, this group has endured. It has managed, under trying circumstances, to retain its identity, and participate as a significant component of our cultural history. Our Monument on the town common to honor the residents of Dudley that served in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War I list the names of Nipmuck Indians. As recently as the 275th anniversary of the town, the Nipmucks actively participated in our celebrations. They have enriched our understanding of the history of this town and nation.




We have an opportunity to assist in the preservation of irreplaceable materials for a segment of our population that deserves assistance. The Commissioners are in agreement that storage space should be provided, with appropriate security, and access for designated Nipmuck representatives. The commissioners are willing to work closely with such representatives to ensure all measures are taken to protect both the Nipmuck archives and the interests of the Town of Dudley.



We ask that permission be granted to their request.






Edward Bazinet, Chairman








cc Chaubunagungamaug Band of Nipmuck Indians