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August 12,  2013

Ms. Brona Simon, SHIPO & Executive Director

Massachusetts Historical Commission

220 Morrissey Boulevard

Boston Massachusetts, 02125-3314


Re Dudley Historical Commission supports Stevens LLC’s Historical Rehabilitation Tax Credit application.


Dear Ms. Simon:


The Stevens Linen Works cannot compete with the scale and scope of some of the Pharaonic examples of American Industrial Architecture that survives from such nineteenth century textile centers as Lowell, Lawrence, Chicopee and Springfield.  But in its own way, the capstone of the industrial architectural genius of Henry Hale Stevens can meet and match their distinction, through the sheer originality of its soaring Italianate inspiration and superb masonry construction techniques.  Conceived to support the extremely heavy linen machinery of mid nineteenth century textile technology; it offered an unparalleled example of a structure whose load bearing capacity was without compare in its time and place.  One is continually amazed to find such a complex of structures that derives so much architecturally, with an equally impressive degree of utility, in the tradition of the Italian renaissance springing up in such a rough and tumble primitive Massachusetts hill town as Dudley.


With the exception of H. H. Stevens no one could foresee the incredible economic juggernaught that would evolve  and come to be an engine of great power and longevity; that would carry the town of Dudley on its back for a hundred years after its founders were deceased.


The challenge now is for new owners to reinvent the economic viability of the surviving structure and to once again resume a significant role in the economic life of the area.  Only through economic utility will the long term survivability of the complex be assured into the foreseeable future.  As the Dudley Historical Commission have stated many times in the past, a robust response to the current Historical Rehabilitation Tax Credit application, is a key part of seeing this rehabilitation project through to a successful conclusion,

Thank you for your attention

Michael Branniff



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