Helping Address the Needs of Dudley's Seniors

HANDS is a group of residents, employees and business owners in Dudley, which has come together for one purpose - to help Dudley's Seniors make financial ends meet.

HANDS is raising funds through private donations by individuals, organizations, businesses and special interest groups wishing to make a positive impact right here in their own backyards. 100%of the funds raised go directly to financially assisting those seniors in Dudley seeking and qualifying for such assistance.


As a volunteer. Publicity is key to the success of HANDS. YOU can help! Learn more about HANDS and spread the word!
As a donor. Donations, also, are key to the success of the HANDS program. YOU can help us reach our first year goal of $10,000 by reaching out a Helping Hand.
As a recipient. If you are a Dudley Senior in need of help, join us by allowing HANDS to help you. Applications are availalble at Pearle Crawford Library and the Dudley Senior Center in the Dudley Town Hall.

For more information, please call us at 508-943-8517